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Emo puts on a show that is true and sincere to his traditional Country Songs which have been described as the True Sounds of Country. Emo recently performed at the Sennheiser Lounge for the 2004 Juno Awards. John McArthur with Sennheiser who was a fantastic guy who made every performer there feel like a million bucks. Emo has also been invited back to perform at the ,Sennheiser Lounge for the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA) and for the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA). Emo has been invited to make a return visit to Edmonton Festival of Trees at the Shaw Convention Centre where he previous thrilled 2400 people. Even though there were hundreds of lit Christmas trees in the Convention Centre, Emo out shined them all.
Emo has been compared to great Country Stars as Ferron Young, Hank Snow, Conway Twitty, Charlie Rich (the Silver Fox), and Alan Jackson. Emo has shared the stage with talents such as Colin Amey, Clayton Bellamy, Chris Cummings, and many others. Emo has performed after acts like Samantha King, Cori Brewster, and Colleen Rae. Emo has also acted in such projects as Selling Innocence a CTV television movie coming out this fall 2004, starring Tom Cruise's first wife Mimi Rogers, Santa's Slay (movie)(to be released in fall of 2004) starring Bill Goldberg of the WWE, White Coats (movie) starring Dave Thomas ( release Fall 2004), the syndicated Television show Mentors (5 episodes), Double Framed (movie) starring Daniel Baldwin, and in Tracey James' Country music video You're the Reason which was directed by awarded winning Director, Joel Stewart of CMT. Along the way Emo has received friendly advice from colleagues such as LJ Daylee, Lisa and Danny Hooper, and Photographer Bill Borgwardt.

Even though it may seem like Emo is a new face to the Country Music scene, there is nothing that could be further from the truth. Emo has been around for quite some time. Emo's love for Country music started when Emo's father Albert(1924-1992) introduced Emo (at the young age of 8 years old) to Dolly Parton after a performance in Fitchburg, Mass. Dolly was a part of the Porter Wagner Show. As Emo matured from a child to a young man of 13 years old, Emo became more serious about his passion and love of music. At the age of 16, Emo joined a band called the Moonlighters where he was the oldest band member. Later on, Emo had to set a side his love of music in order to finish his education.

Now that his education is finished, Emo is returning to the music industry, Emo has been working extremely hard in order to make his return a successful one. Emo had been working regularly on his CDs in his home recording studio whenever he has a chance . In the past Emo performed all of the instrumentation and all of the vocals on his CDs which is an amazing accomplishment. But recently Emo has employed great musicians like fiddler Tony Michael and John Calvary . Having awesome musicians helping out is proving to be a smart move.
Sweet Dreams & Memories, Bandit's Greed, and No Apologies were completed in Emo's home studio and are available at cdbaby.com Emo is looking forward to promoting his new songs such as 280 Days (dedicated to truckers around the globe), At the bottom of my glass, It's a Girl's night out, and the title track Sweet Dreams & Memories. The song Sweet Dreams & Memories was written in 1981 and then was lent to RCA Recording Artist Lee Marlow for a year. Emo released his second CD titled Bandit's Greed in the fall 2004. Emo released his 3rd CD titled No Apologies in 2006. Emo's 4th CD will be released in the fall of 2008.

The word is out that Emo is back and he is Traditional Country. Keep an eye on Emo you will not be disappointed. When Emo performs in your area, don't miss the opportunity of seeing Emo perform, A true Country & Western performer.

Emo's CD is available at CDBABY.COM

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Emo's past performances

2004 Juno Awards
Performed at
the Sennheiser Lounge
at the Edmonton Coast

2004-Performed two shows
at Long Rider's for
Alberta Recording Industry Association (ARIA)

Performed at the Festival of Trees (Edmonton) 2003, 2004, 2005, & 2006

Recently Performed in Jackson Hole, WY (2007)
Great Falls, Montana (2007)
Performances at the
Second Cup on Jasper Ave & 103 St.

Performances at
Great Canadian Bagel
on the University of Alberta Campus

at Expressions Cafe, Edmonton, Alberta

Performances at
the Uptown Folk Club

Performances at
Wild West Saloon
with various Artist.

Performed 2 Shows
at the HMV Stage
at West Edmonton Mall.
Performed for the
Arts Festival in 2001 & 2002

Performed at the
2001 World Track & Field Championships in Edmonton, Alberta

Performed at the Grey Cup 2002 during the Shania Twain Performance.

35 other various
Performances throughout Canada & the U.S.A.

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